July 22, 2010

if Only i Knew it!!!!!

this could be the worst week ever in my life.
in MY LIFE!!
this is worst than break-up stories, divorce cases,(exception to r.i.p)
within this 3 days, i only chewwy my toblerone, ikan bilis bun, and goreng pisang.
im a dead fish by the end of week.
people, i am REALLY SORRY.


Petite Fairy said...

konpem makin kurus. kan best kalo wina pon cmtuh! frust makin kurus. ni tak lg makan byk!!

fhhhh said...

aku rase takde yang terok sgt unless aku dah tak sayang kat kau.

syndrome of roXstar said...

wina- zaza kalau frust mende laen mkn byk.,tapi ni hal keje mmg stress..

fhhh--awwwww! sweet lah awak! =)